Granja Integral Luz Del Corazon

Chácara, Ecovila, Centro Permacultural
Acomodação, Agrofloresta, Agroindústria, Aromáticas, Bioconstrução, Cacau, Café, Cogumelos, Consultoria, Cosméticos, Cozinha, Cursos, Energia Sustentável, Feminino, Frutas, Grãos, Horta, Leguminosas, Madeira, Medicinais, Minhoca, Mudas, Óleos Essenciais, Orgânico, PANCs, Pecuária, Permacultura, Pesquisa, Poda, Produtos Beneficiados, Reciclagem, Saneamento, Sementes Crioulas, Vendas, Voluntariado
Facebook: LaViejaKalima
Nestled within the pristine embrace of the enchanting northern Costa Rican rainforest lies a hidden gem: a sprawling 200-acre private nature preserve that seamlessly blends ecological harmony and holistic rejuvenation. As the sun's golden rays pierce through the dense canopy, you'll find yourself immersed in a sanctuary where nature and nurture coalesce. The heart of this haven beats with a 20-acre organic regenerative farm, a verdant tapestry of life that sustains the land and soul alike. Overnight and day-use facilities stand as architectural harmonies with the surroundings, offering a seamless transition from forest to comfort. Prepare to embark on a journey of wellness as you step into the healing spa, a sanctuary rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Here, the body and spirit find balance through nature-inspired therapies that draw from the rainforest's bountiful resources. For the intrepid souls seeking communion with the wild, guided overnight adventure jungle hammock stays beckon, allowing you to slumber beneath the celestial canopy, serenaded by the jungle's nocturnal symphony. Savor the symphony of flavors at the farm-to-table restaurant, where the culinary magic unfolds using the freshest produce harvested mere steps away. The analog forest, a canvas of vibrant greens and whispers, offers a meditative haven for reflection and introspection. Wander through an orchard resplendent with over 2000 fruit trees, their branches heavy with the promise of nature's bounty. A symphony of colors and scents awaits at the medicinal and culinary herb gardens, where time-honored wisdom unfurls in fragrant petals. The melody of life continues with the gentle ripple of water, as tilapia, ducks, and chickens thrive in a harmonious aquatic dance. For the explorers at heart, optional waterfall hikes cascade through emerald veils, guiding you through the rainforest's most sacred corners. Expert-led hikes unveil the secrets of vibrant birdlife and the lush wonders of the private primary rainforest preserve. As twilight descends, guided night hikes invite you to witness the nocturnal world awaken. An ode to nature's gifts awaits at the onsite herb body products haven, where alchemy meets botany to create elixirs of pure indulgence. The art of fermentation finds its expression in the healthful Jun drink, a symphony of flavors crafted from the bounty of the land. Finally, let the juice and smoothie bar be your refuge, offering liquid sustenance blended from the farm's riches. In this realm where the rainforest's whispers harmonize with human ingenuity, the 200-acre private nature preserve in northern Costa Rican rainforest beckons. It is a place where the modern soul finds solace in ancient wisdom, where nature's abundance nurtures both body and spirit, and where every heartbeat resonates with the symphony of life.
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