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Fone: +33610186859
We are the Chaikuni Institute, a non-profit, a collective of people who research, promote and protect equal, inclusive and interrelated lifestyles, honoring indigenous wisdom and permaculture principles. The Chaikuni are the ancestors of the indigenous Shipibo people. They are the spiritual guardians of the Peruvian Amazon and actively serve the wellbeing of this great rainforest on energetic and spiritual levels. In community with the spirits of the plants, trees, and animals, they provide a priceless repository of spiritual, medicinal, and ecological services not only for local tribes but also for the whole world. For indigenous people, their land is their world and their way of life is intimately connected with other beings who inhabit the forest. We believe the cosmovision of indigenous people, or their particular way of seeing the world and their connection with other beings, is key to understanding our present time and formulating a common future. Our Institute honors indigenous traditions and promotes mechanisms to protect cultures, worldviews, and indigenous territories in the Peruvian Amazon. In our 3 programs we commit to be in service of the Amazon and its people. Our programs are: - Promotion of intercultural education - Promotion and defense of human rights and nature - The permaculture program. At our permaculture center, 73 hectares of amazonian paradise guided by the indigenous understanding of "Sumak Kawsay" (Life in Harmony). It is a place of research and creation based on ancestral knowledge, sustainable development strategies and technology. It is truly mind-opening to be here. In one of the most diverse environments in the world you will experience life at its maximum potential. You will see examples of natural building techniques, solar electricity, biological waste water treatment recycling, compost toilets, rain water harvesting and diverse interactive plant, animal and tree systems for local food production and processing. Almost all the projects implemented in our Center are designed as a model that can be replicated within a local village, in this region and inspire people from all around the world to aply nature principle.
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