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Picture of the EkoToken

The EkoToken provides ownership and access to Regenerative Finance markets, and is being designed to:

Accrue value over time as Ecological Regeneration takes place in Brazil and beyond
Hold immutable and verifiable records of Ecological Regeneration
Be transferable and tradeable in financial markets
Be exchangeable for certified ESG Offset Credits

Each batch of tokens is funding projects that contribute to planetary regeneration and sustainability.

Agroforestry farmer in Brazil
Agroforestry farmer in Brazil
Agroforestry farmer in Brazil
Agroforestry farmer in Brazil

As a holder, you are a guardian of nature-knowledge and of ecological impact.

Measureable Impact

Each token contains unique information about the projects and holds the value generated from biodiversity, carbon sequestration and ecosystem management.

At current planting rates* each token has planted:
3.19 Trees
5.0 Vegetable Plants
9.96 Field Crops
14.95 Medicinal Plants
*Planting rates fluctuate from project to project; changes are reflected in dashboard as new reports are submitted.
Each token has also contributed to:
Agroforestry farmer in Brazil
Agroforestry scalability and development in Brazil with local farmers, increasing the impact generated through regenerative agriculture
Agroforestry project Kogi people in Columbia
Construction of an indigenous oven in Colombia with the Kogi people, preserving ancient knowledge and techniques
Community Garden project, Children's education
Education of children, engagement of communities and social impact together with market incentives and income generation possibilities
Agroforestry planting in Brazil, organized by EKONAVI
Conscious ecosystem management, increasing biodiversity and land regeneration in the city and in the countryside

Land regeneration effects with EkoToken investments in Agroforestry

Janeiro - 2023regenerated land with agroforestry
Outubro - 2021baren land from monoculture

Designed to Accrue Value

By holding your token, you will have access to future, ESG reports data, perks and features on EKONAVI platform.

The collection is immutable on the blockchain, and you may request transfer to an Ethereum wallet address on the Polygon network.

Welcome to the journey into a world of abundance!

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